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Read on to discover how the original provider of English language project weeks came to be.

The EiA Story

The Problem

You know what it’s like. You want to do the best for your students.

But there are examination pressures, and a syllabus to get through – you want to make sure that you have covered the language and topics in enough depth. There’s the native-speaking language assistant, who is great, but who only gets to see each group for one session a week. You know in your heart of hearts that what the learners really need is a chance to immerse themselves in an English speaking environment. You know that confidence and fluency only comes when you start to live and breathe a language.

It’s getting almost impossible to organise a student exchange with a school in England. A study tour to the UK is a possibility – you take a small group of students every year, but it is expensive and difficult to organise. Plus, when you are there, you are responsible for them all of the time. There’s the student you know will get homesick; there will be problems with one of the host families, and there will be the loveable rogue who never sticks to the rules and who will cause you hours of worry!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something easier, less stressful and less expensive?

Something that all of your students could join in with?

The Solution

Back in the early 1990s, the Headmaster and the English department of one school in Austria asked themselves just these questions. Their solution? To organise an English project week in their own school. It would be a whole week of English with the teaching provided by a group of native-speaking teachers from the UK. The result? Teachers and parents alike were amazed at how this one week of English transformed their students’ confidence and fluency. It had turned their students from learners into users of the language. The overwhelming success of this project started what has become English in Action.

Over 20 years later, English in Action continues to deliver top quality English language project weeks. With a team of over 20 full-time staff and up to 100 teachers in schools in any one week, English in Action has developed a reputation for quality and professionalism that is second to none. This is why it is the trusted, 1st choice partner for hundreds of schools across Europe and Asia.

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