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This online booking page is new and we hope you find it easy to use. If you are unable to submit your booking for any reason then please download our old PDF booking form or get in touch.

Booking Form

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1. Booking Details

A. School Details

Centre Details

Only complete this section if the course is not being held at your school

B. Course Details

C. School/Centre Facilities

Please tick the things that will be available for teachers to use free of charge

D. Accommodation

We welcome your suggestions for reasonably priced accommodation near the school/centre

E. Timetable

Please provide lesson times (6 x 45-50 minute lessons)

E. Show/Presentation

Would you like participants to prepare an end-of-course show or presentation.
Please select one option only.

F. Media Consent

We consent to EiA teachers taking pictures/videos of students and to them being shared on EiA's social media pages.

G. Invoice

We will always send your invoice by email. Please let us know if you also require a paper invoice to be sent through the post.

H. T&Cs

I. Additional Information

If you have any additional information relating to your booking please include it here. Please note that you will add your contact information and group details (student age, level, workbook, etc.) on the next page.

Please check that all the information on this page is correct before proceeding to the next section.