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EiA Newsletter October 2023

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Well, can you believe a whole month has just flown by since the last edition of the Teacher’s Pet? The school year is well underway now and some countries/regions have already had their autumn break. It’ll be Christmas in the blink of an eye….. Read More »

EiA Newsletter September 2023

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Well, summer is over, it’s official, and autumn is here, even if the last few weeks have felt more like the tropics! The school year has started again in earnest, and I would… Read More »

EiA Newsletter June 2023

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Well, summer is just about there, the school year is nearly at an end and I would imagine you are all looking forward to a well-deserved break. After a full school calendar year now of writing our newsletter I’d like to thank you all very much for… Read More »

EiA Newsletter May 2023

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We have finally arrived in full Spring! How nice to get some consistently good weather. So much seems late this year, the bloom and blossom, seedlings for planting out, and even early spring flowers are only just coming out to play.

EiA Newsletter April 2023

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Well, finally, the earth’s axis in the northern hemisphere is pointing toward the sun and we are rolling full force into springtime. What a fabulous time of year it is, blooms abound…