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EiA Newsletter May 2023

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We have finally arrived in full Spring! How nice to get some consistently good weather. So much seems late this year, the bloom and blossom, seedlings for planting out, and even early spring flowers are only just coming out to play.

EiA Newsletter April 2023

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Well, finally, the earth’s axis in the northern hemisphere is pointing toward the sun and we are rolling full force into springtime. What a fabulous time of year it is, blooms abound…

EiA Newsletter March 2023

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Well, as the title of this month’s edition suggests, we really are “marching” through the year now! And as the old saying goes, “March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb” rings true with snow storms and arctic weather across the UK, we can only hope for things to start warming up a bit as we head toward April.

EiA Newsletter February 2023

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After what feels like half a year since the turn of 2023, we find ourselves in February, the shortest month, the payday comes quickly month, the month where you can’t forget the 14th!

EiA Newsletter January 2023

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A happy New Year to one and all, we sincerely hope that you all had a wonderful festive period, and the new calendar year has started well for you.