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Introduction to English in Action’s Interview Process: Top Ten Tips

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At English in Action, we adopt an informal and engaging approach to our interview process. In place of individual interviews, we gather teachers in groups of around 6-10, occasionally more, for a more interactive and personable experience.

The interview is a combination of information sharing and a group activity. This allows teachers to demonstrate their teaching skills and get to know the faces behind English in Action. The session typically ranges from 1.5 to 2 hours, allowing us time to understand you beyond the qualifications on paper.

Upon arrival, teachers are welcomed and asked to hand in their documentation for review and then take a seat among the other teachers. We begin with a brief introduction about English in Action—our mission, values, and what makes us unique. We then go on to explain our teaching methodology and what to expect in the classroom.

This is followed by a practical group activity. In this, teachers are grouped and given prompts to design a lesson plan following the English in Action methodology. Creativity is highly encouraged, and this process gives you the opportunity to show your creativity in a classroom setting.

This blog post outlines the top ten preparatory tips for our interview. We aim to provide insights to assist teachers in feeling more prepared, comfortable, and ready to showcase their best selves during our interview sessions.

1. Complete Digital and Physical Documentation:

 Having all necessary documents in digital format serves a twofold purpose. Firstly, it aids in maintaining a streamlined online file system, ensuring that all teachers’ details are safely organized and easily accessible. Secondly, when candidates come for the in-person interview, having physical copies allows us to verify and match the information provided earlier. We will request to see a hard copy of your Passport, Qualifications and details of 2 Referees.

2Research EiA:

 Demonstrating familiarity with EiA’s teaching approach is advisable. The more you know about our organization, the better you can highlight your suitability during the interview.

3. Practice Your Teaching Style:

Be prepared to discuss your teaching methods as one part of the interview involves creating and developing a quick lesson plan using prompts that we give you. Being prepared indicates your preparedness and teaching competence. This also showcases your adaptability, creativity, and how you might be able to engage students effectively. It’s a direct way for us to understand your teaching philosophy.

4. Cultural Awareness:

 Today’s classrooms are a rich mix of cultures and backgrounds. Demonstrating an understanding of cultural diversity and an ability to adapt to different classroom settings showcases your ability to create an inclusive and respectful learning environment.

5. Prepare for Easy Travel:

 Planning your journey in advance to ensure punctuality on the interview day shows your reliability and organizational skills. A Central London location benefits from excellent transport links, ensuring you can reach us easily. We tend to confirm the venue booking a few weeks in advance and this information will be sent to you as soon as possible, giving you plenty of time to organise your route.

6. Questions for the Interviewer:

 Having insightful questions prepared about the role, the company, and teaching expectations at EiA reveals a genuine interest and commitment to the teaching position. It also showcases your keenness to understand your potential contribution to our organization.

7. Smart/Casual Dress Code:

Our smart/casual dress code aligns with expectations whilst teaching on our programme. We want to promote a comfortable yet professional environment.

8. Time Management:

Arriving promptly demonstrates your commitment and respect for schedules. It avoids any stress and allows you to start the interview calmly and with a clear mind. Also, this will give you a good opportunity to meet other teachers before the interview and get to know fellow teachers, some you may even be working on contracts with!

9. Confidence and Enthusiasm:

Having confidence in your own ability and enthusiasm for the role will reflect positively on your willingness to engage and inspire students. These are essential qualities and are central to the EiA ethos.

10. Group Activity Involvement:

Engaging in a group activity during the interview process is as much about demonstrating your collaborative skills as it is about your teaching ability. We value teamwork and the ability to work effectively with colleagues. This activity is a chance to show your communication skills and empathy with colleagues. Because of the nature of our business, you’ll tend to work contracts in teams and work closely with other teachers.

During the interview itself, we advise attendees to bring a pen and paper, in addition to the requested documentation. We also encourage you to bring your enthusiasm, creativity, and passion for teaching!

We hope that this compilation of tips gives you a clearer picture of what you can expect during an English in Action interview. The guidance outlined is intended to better prepare you, not just to ace the interview but to give you an insight into the traits and skills we value in our teachers. At English in Action, we strive to create a welcoming environment where we get to know you beyond your CV. We value collaboration, innovation, and cultural awareness, and we look forward to seeing these aspects shine through the session. Your readiness to embrace this process and your unique teaching style are what we value most. Remember, it’s not just about the interview; it’s about joining a community of educators passionate about making a difference.

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