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Joining the EiA Community

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The All-Inclusive Teaching Experience

At English in Action, we don’t just offer a teaching opportunity; we offer an all-inclusive adventure that covers you from start to finish. As you consider your next steps in the world of TEFL, let’s explore what sets us apart from the rest.

The EiA Support Structure

Many companies operating similar-style programmes might offer a contract but then leave you to your own devices, without much guidance or support. For many of us, the idea of working overseas is daunting, add to this booking flights, finding somewhere to stay and planning travel routes. By the time you’ve booked your flight, found and paid for your accommodation near the location you’re working, and the travel to get there, most of your hard earned money is gone. You end up spending most of your time focusing on how to get there, leaving little time to prep and create lesson plans and enjoy the experience! This is where English in Action has you covered; few provide the level of comprehensive support that we do.

While others might add on additional expenses, or leave you to foot the bill, EiA covers everything from your flights in and out of the country (or the equivalent allowance) to accommodation booked and paid for, and even in-country travel—all planned and given to you for your peace of mind. Even Breakfast! Our support doesn’t end there; we also handle your travel insurance and health insurance so if anything unforeseen occurs during your travel, you will know it’s covered.

Set off on your journey with EiA, knowing that everything has been researched by our dedicated teams. Not having to worry about organising everything yourself gives you the freedom to relax and immerse yourself in your contract location.

Material and Methodology

Teaching at EiA also means support in the classroom too! Our dedicated academic team has produced a huge range of speaking focused teaching material, which is a dynamic and engaging form of learning. You receive your teaching material in advance, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the content before embarking on your teaching contract.

At EiA you will finish the teaching day without the burden of homework. Most students stop their national curriculum lessons for the week, focusing solely on English. Because our teaching material is an inclusive workbook that students and teachers work from during the week, you only need to focus on teaching in the classroom and giving the students a …. This gives you the freedom to explore your surroundings after school, experience the local culture, or simply unwind.

Community and Support

Embarking on a teaching adventure with EiA doesn’t mean going solo. You’ll always be part of a group, working alongside other teachers in small, dynamic teams. This not only provides a support system but also adds a layer of fun and camaraderie to your teaching experience. Swap ideas, brainstorm teaching methods, and explore new places with like-minded colleagues. Every teaching team is led by a Senior Teacher—an experienced EiA teacher who has navigated the circuit multiple times. They are your go-to support on the ground, helping you to have a seamless experience from start to finish.

The EiA Difference

As a company, we are extremely proud of our support system and inclusive package that we feel is unique in the world of TEFL. It’s not just about earning a weekly wage, it’s about working for a company that cares and has you covered, so you can focus on delivering our curriculum to eager students around the world.

We welcome you to a community that understands the value of support, the joy of teaching, and the thrill of exploring new and exciting places!

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