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Understanding Our Availability Forms

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Welcome to our recruitment blog! This month, we’re looking at one of the crucial tools in our recruitment process: the Availability Form. If you’re considering joining us as an English in Action (EiA) teacher and wondering how we align your availability with our contracts, you’re in the right place!

Simplifying the Process

Upon a successful application, you’ll be emailed a couple of additional forms, one of which is our Schengen Zone form (which we’ll discuss in a separate blog). The other key form is the Availability Form. Here’s how it works:

Selecting Dates

The form presents a list of dates, all starting on a Sunday, as that’s when we require teachers to fly out to their locations, ready to start work on Monday. You simply click on the weeks you’re available during the season’s programme. An availability form will usually be spread over a 3-month period, for example, our Spring Programme Availability form will run from the week commencing the 24th of March all the way through to the week commencing the 23rd of June with each week as an individual block.

Total Weeks

After selecting which weeks, you are free to work, which could range from selecting all available weeks to specifying a certain block, you will then be presented with an additional box towards the bottom of the form, this is where you can enter the length of contract you would like. For example, you could fill out a 6-week block that you are free, but then state that you would only like to work 2-3 weeks within that time frame. The more weeks you select, the more flexibility you give our Operation Team to match you with a contract. It’s that simple!

Matching Availability with Contracts

Following a successful interview, our operations team works diligently to match the availability you provided with the contracts we currently have. Here’s why your flexibility matters:

Flexibility is Key

The more flexible you are with your availability, the higher the likelihood of securing a contract length that aligns with your preferences. The operation team must find individual week-long contracts and match them with the contract length you have stated, they also must take into account the location of where each contract is situated. So again, the more flexibility you provide in terms of weeks available, the more likely they can find something that will suit you, making the whole process beneficial for both parties! Being adaptable opens more opportunities.

Important Information

Our forms often include Important information in the header. This could be about peak times for certain seasons or already filled weeks. This allows you to adjust your availability accordingly, optimising your chances of securing a contract. If you have yet to complete an interview and we have limited weeks available for the period that you are applying for, or we have no contracts during the time you have stated, we may have to assign you to an interview later in the year. We must prioritise those who are available for when we do have contracts. Example: If you want to join us for an interview but you only can work a period when we won’t have any contracts to offer you, we suggest that you move your interview to a later date in the year. Interviews are held every 3 months and we will have new contract weeks available after each one, so it’s a lot more beneficial to find which interview date works best for your availability and what we will have available for you!

Maximising Opportunities

Our goal is to streamline the process, benefiting both you and us. By providing your availability upfront, you reduce the wait time between an interview and securing a contract. This ensures a smoother transition into your EiA teaching role.


In the realm of weekly contract-based work, your availability form is a crucial piece of the puzzle. It not only simplifies our recruitment process but also increases your chances of landing the contract length you desire. So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey with us, send us an application, fill out that availability form and you’re good to go!

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