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BHAS Oral Exam Preparation Workbook

Age: 15+
Level: B1


This course is designed for final year BHAS students preparing for their oral examination.

Sample ‘can do’ statements

  • I can answer questions about my education, qualifications and experience.
  • I can select and summarise information given in a case study.
  • I can talk about the roles and responsibilities associated with a particular job.
  • I can script and deliver a natural dialogue in English, and can deliver a sales pitch.
  • I can talk about modern media use – discussing the benefits and disadvantages of new technology including personal examples and giving my personal opinion.

Why choose this course?

School leaving examinations are some of the most important assessments that students will have to undertake. For many students they will affect career prospects; for others the options for further study.

This course aims to ensure that students do themselves justice in the oral exam by making sure they know what is expected of them, and by providing practice in key areas, and by giving them practical strategies for optimizing their performance.

Students will work on case studies and then complete exam format tasks, boosting topic-based vocabulary, useful phrases, and confidence.

Learning activities include:

  • Exam Spotlight – presentation skills, natural intonation, informal phrases and questions, job interviews
  • Surveys
  • Presentations
  • Analysing data
  • Comparing and evaluating interviewees
  • Mock job interviews
  • Monologue and dialogue practice
  • Error correction and feedback


Module 1: Tourism – A Profile of Tourism in Goa

In this module learners will discuss tourism in their region and jobs available within the tourism industry. Students will extend their use of tourism-related vocabulary. The case study briefly explores the geography, climate and culture of the tropical Indian paradise of Goa and outlines the main attractions of the region for tourists.
Dialogue practice: Job interview as holiday rep
Monologue practice: In-role presentation to a group of visiting British tourists

Module 2: Online Retail –

In this module learners examine their spending habits and those of typical households. The case study documents the phenomenal success of Amazon in the field of e-commerce, along with the history of the company, its core products and operating practices.
Monologue practice: a presentation on the company to business students from a local college

Module 3: Jobs and Careers – Ryanair

Students identify a range of jobs and the associated skills and qualifications required for each. They analyse and provide advice on jobs and careers the students might be interested in pursuing. The case study focuses on the background to the budget airline Ryanair and on the work of flight attendants.
Dialogue practice: Careers day interviews as advisors and students
Monologue practice: A presentation as a PR representative of the company

Module 4: Advertising – Inside an Advertising Agency

The module explores the world of advertising agencies and what makes for effective advertising campaigns. Students then assess the effectiveness of some examples of ambient advertising. The case study explores what goes on inside the different types of advertising agency.
Dialogue practice: Working on a creative brief for a radio advertisement
Monologue practice: Preparing a sales pitch to a client on a promotional strategy for their product or service

Module 5: Communication Technologies – Changes and Progress in the Technology of Communication

Students conduct mini-surveys on their use of social media and feedback their findings. The case study explores communication for ancient Greece to the use of modern-day social media platforms.
Dialogue practice: Role-play discussing the strengths and weaknesses of a chosen app or communications tool, with suggestions for improvements
Monologue practice: A presentation on the positive and negative impact of modern communications technologies.


This sample propgramme is split between two groups (2.5 days per group). It can also be delivered as a week-long programme. Please contact us for details.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lesson 1-3 Module 1: Tourism – A Profile of Tourism in Goa Module 3: Jobs and Careers – Ryanair Module 5: Communication Technologies Module 2: Online Retail Module 4: Advertising – Inside an Advertising Agency
Lesson 4-6 Module 2: Online Retail Module 4: Advertising – Inside an Advertising Agency Module 1: Tourism – A Profile of Tourism in Goa Module 3: Jobs and Careers – Ryanair Module 5: Communication Technologies

If you would prefer this course be delivered over the course of the week then the core modules will be delivered in the morning sessions. The afternoon can be filled with your choice of the following:

  • Presentation skills and end of week presentation
  • Note-taking skills
  • Developing dialogue skills – paraphrasing, improvising, turn-taking, active listening and improving language range
  • Developing monologue skills – Using clear structure, introducing, concluding and personalising, signposting, use of body language and voice.
  • Topic-based lessons – business, general English

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