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BHS – Final Oral Exam Preparation

Age: 16+
Level: B2 (all streams)


This course has been designed specifically for Vocational College students working toward their school leaving exam.

Sample ‘can do’ statements

  • I can talk about myself, my education and my aspirations.
  • I can explain how my qualifications and experience are relevant to a particular job.
  • I can summarise information from a text and present this in role.
  • I can share my thoughts and ideas by generalising from a specific example.
  • I can talk about myself in an interview
  • I can present summary information about a company in an interview or as part of a formal presentation.
  • I can write both a personal and a corporate mission statement
  • I can understand how the organisational structure of a company can be represented through an organisation chart.

Why choose this course?

This course follows the examination guidelines and has been prepared in consultation with a group of Austrian BHS teachers and exam specialists to give students the boost they need with their exam preparation.

The course is comprised of five fixed modules (all related to the core curriculum) and two modules specifically geared towards the focus of your school type.

All modules contain a detailed case study followed up with monologue and dialogue exam tasks. They begin with a focus on a particular exam skill and every section includes additional activities and language practice to prepare fully for the oral exam.

This includes work on how to present yourself with confidence in the oral exam and the opportunity to produce either an individual or group presentation for the final day.

Learning activities include:

  • Exam scenario tasks
  • Brainstorming
  • Conducting interviews and being interviewed
  • Dialogues and role-plays
  • Class discussions
  • Exam skills - key language, dealing with difficult situations, reading tips
  • Writing mission statements
  • Ranking tasks
  • Case study analysis
  • Individual presentations
  • Group presentations
  • Self- and group-reflection activities on speaking
  • Error correction and feedback


Core Module 1: Environment and Economy - Sustainability
Case Study: The Eden Project
Dialogue Practice: job interview for a tour guide at the project.
Monologue Practice: a presentation to a group of local language school students.

Core Module 2: Marketing – Brand Development
Case Study: Red Bull
Dialogue Practice: an interview for a place on the company’s graduate programme.
Monologue Practice: a presentation of the company’s brand strategy and associated marketing activities.

Core Module 3: International Business – Corporate Responsibility
Case Study: British Petroleum (BP)
Dialogue Practice: an interview with a journalist about the impact of the spill.
Monologue Practice: a public relations presentation to the media and local community.

Core Module 4: Tourism - Positive and Negative Aspects of Tourism
Case Study: Air BnB
Dialogue Practice: a discussion with a business partner about the possibility of buying a flat for Air BnB rental. Monologue Practice: a presentation to the local chamber of commerce about the negative impact of Air BnB rentals to the local community.

Core Module 5: Lifestyle and Personal Issues - Working Remotely
Case Study: Zoom
Dialogue Practice: a discussion between an employee and their line manager about moving their business online.
Monologue Practice: a presentation to a team of employees about ways to work from home successfully.



BAfEP 1: Education – Day Care Facilities
Case Study: Worldwide Kindergarten Systems
Dialogue Practice: a conversation as part of a focus group to suggest development ideas for a school refurbishment scheme.
Monologue Practice: a presentation to raise funds to start a school vegetable patch.

BAfEP 2: Early Childhood Education - Socialisation
Case Study: The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds
Dialogue Practice: a discussion with a colleague on how best to manage some students who are not getting on well.
Monologue Practice: a presentation on how socialisation is positively impacted by attending nursery school.


HAK 1: Companies – Company Structure
Case Study: John Lewis Partnership
Monologue Practice: a pre-interview presentation of what you know about the company. Dialogue: an interview for a job as a merchandiser with John Lewis.

HAK 2: Transport - Infrastructure
Case Study: London Airports
Monologue Practice: presentations by various stakeholder communities. Dialogue: dealing with a Q and A based on the presentations.


HTL 1: Telecommunications and Media - Research and Development
Case Study: Apple
Dialogue Practice: an interview with a business journalist about identifying and addressing target group’s needs.
Monologue Practice: a presentation to your line-manager about an area of research you think should be focussed on.

HTL 2: Science and Technology, Traffic – Science and Future Trends
Case Study: Elon Musk- Tesla and Beyond
Monologue Practice: a presentation to recruit new employees to Tesla.
Dialogue Practice: a discussion about the ethical impact of planned developments.


HUM 2: Food and Nutrition
Case Study: Deliciously Ella
Monologue Practice: a talk during an environmental summit on how a plant-based diet benefits both our life and the environment.
Dialogue Practice: a discussion about how to use the Eatwell Plate to improve the eating habits among your employees and reduce the amount of sick days they take.

HUM 1: Human Resources – Stress and Work-life balance
Case Study: Admiral
Dialogue Practice: a conversation with a line-manager about how to make your work less stressful.
Monologue Practice: a presentation to university students about how to live a healthy work life.

Sample Programme

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lesson 1-3 Core Module Core Module Core Modules Core Module Consolodation & Revision
Lesson 4-6 Core Module School Stream Specific Module School Stream Specific Module Presentation Preparation Time Presentation Preparation & Final Presentations

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