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Business in Action

Business in Action workbook

Age: 15-18
Level: B1/B2


This course is for learners who want a business project week in English. It helps learners develop their skills and knowledge through the process of taking a product to market.

Sample ‘can do’ statements

  • I can ask and answer questions about my life
  • I can discuss the roles of different departments in a company
  • I can work effectively in a group to develop a business plan for a new product and pitch this to other groups
  • I can discuss the best ways of bringing a product to market

Why choose this course?

This course helps increase learners’ awareness of business issues and provides opportunities for them to develop a range of skills related to various aspects of business practice.

Learning activities include:

  • Discussions
  • Note taking
  • Role plays
  • Simulations
  • Matching activities
  • Creative thinking
  • Designing flyers and leaflets
  • Quizzes
  • Planning and delivering presentations
  • Problem solving activities
  • Board games
  • Text-matching activities


  • Different business models: sole trader, plc, partnership, etc.
  • ‘Want’ versus ‘need’ in society
  • Teenage entrepreneurs
  • How to open a bank account
  • Forming a company
  • Choosing the right way to communicate
  • Advertising slogans
  • Gender issues in business
  • Online business: a case study of the growth of ebay
  • Business ethics: problems and solutions
  • Brand awareness and media promotions
  • Job applications, CVs and interviews


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lesson 1 What is a business? Would you like to leave a message? My ideal company Getting recruited Business quiz & review of BiA achievement targets
Lesson 2 Money – gotta have it! Yours faithfully and sincerely E-bay Inc – a case study Curriculum builder Running a small business – tasks
Lesson 3 Teenage entrepreneurs Good news – bad news Perfect presentations Top interview tips Presentation practice
Lesson 4 Plastic money Why do I want all this stuff? Ethics What’s in the news?
Lesson 5 Running a small business Running a small business – tasks The cost of cool Running a small business – tasks Afternoon show performance or preparation for evening performance
Lesson 6 Running a small business – tasks

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