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Business English

Age: 16-18
Level: B2/C1


This is an advanced English course for vocational students who have a strong background in Business Studies.

Sample 'can do’ statements

  • I can identify cultural differences in business practice
  • I can exchange detailed information by phone
  • I  can discuss workplace grievances
  • I can plan, structure and deliver an effective presentation
  • I can write a formal business email

Why choose this course?

This course enables learners to have in-depth discussions on a variety of issues related to modern business practice. It also helps learners plan and deliver effective presentations.

Learning activities include:

  • Discussions
  • Debates
  • Information gap activities
  • Problem solving
  • Wall dictations
  • Role plays
  • Quizzes
  • Presentations
  • Feedback sessions
  • Group writing tasks


  • Asking for and providing information
  • Benefits of different business models
  • Brands and brand values
  • Logos and strap-lines
  • Economic issues
  • International business: etiquette and culture
  • The European Union – problems and opportunities
  • Communicating appropriately in different contexts
  • Communicating effectively by phone
  • Discussing grievances and dealing with complaints
  • Giving a short business presentation
  • Dealing with Q&A sessions
  • Writing a good email
  • Formal and informal language
  • Job advertisements and applications
  • Conducting interviews and assessing candidates


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lesson 1 Exchanging information World economies Presentation skills 1
  • Structuring & planning
  • Useful vocabulary
  • Practical presentation skills
  • Presentation practice
  • Feedback
Presentation skills 2
  • Dealing wih ‘Q&A’ sessions
  • Presenting your argument
  • Sequencers and other discourse markers
Preparing a job advertisement
Lesson 2 Jobs and personnel structure Business etiquette and culture Writing a job application
Lesson 3 Business models The European Union Interview preparation
Lesson 4 Telephoning Mock interviews
Lesson 5 Brands and brand recognition Modes of communication Business emails Assessing candidates and wrapping up
Lesson 6 Business vocabulary Grievances and complaints Formal business letters

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