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Climbers 1

Climbers 1 workbook

Age: 6-8
Level: A1

This course is the ideal start for children who have just begun to learn English and who have a minimum amount of knowledge. They will practise their speaking and listening skills, learning simple dialogues and key words. They will be able to explore their creativity through arts and crafts work and will have great fun playing English games.

They will learn how to say hello and to ask and answer a few short questions so that they can have a simple conversation. They will learn a few word groups like colours, numbers and classroom objects and start to become familiar with the sounds of English.

‘Can Do’ Statements

  • I can say hello and goodbye and thank someone
  • I can ask someone’s name
  • I can ask how someone is
  • I can describe how I am feeling
  • I can count and use the numbers one to ten
  • I can sing a song in English
  • I can name some basic colours in English
  • I can ask how old someone is and tell them how old I am
  • I can follow instructions to carry out simple actions
  • I can name some objects in the classroom
  • I can ask if someone has got something
  • I can ask to be given something
  • I can name some types of pet animals
  • I can ask how much something is

Core Contents

  • Introducing yourself
  • Saying how you feel
  • Counting from one to ten
  • Saying how old you are
  • Naming common actions
  • Naming common colours
  • Naming common classroom objects
  • Talking about pets
  • Asking for something in a shop
  • Asking how much something is

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