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A week of fun, interactive English specifically designed for students in years 1-4 who want to boost their English with a week of activities designed to develop basic language through the completion of short tasks, activities and challenges. The programme has been produced in consultation with Austrian teachers and is perfect for students who want a week filled with creative challenges. The course is flexible and made up of five one-day modules. It is the perfect option for holiday courses as it is a bit lighter than our regular programmes and the focus is on the activities that encourage the use of language rather than more tradition 'lessons'.

Sample Programme

MON Team Challenge
TUE Choose an option from the list below
WED Choose an option from the list below
THU Choose an option from the list below
FRI Show in a Day


Team Challenge

Core Module 1 - Monday

Work in teams to solve a variety of mental and creative challenges!

  • Brain teasers
  • Language challenges
  • Impossible rescue
  • Scavenger hunt
Age: 10-14 Level: A1, A2, B1

Dress To Impress

Option Module 1

Design and make outfits by recycling everyday materials and junk!

  • Create designs for clothes and accessories
  • Craft your designs
  • Dress yourselves
  • Produce scripts
  • Get on the catwalk!
Age: 10-14 Level: A1, A2, B1

Music Maker

Option Module 2

Form bands with your friends to write and perform your own unique chart hit!

  • Work on rhythm and lyrics
  • Write a song
  • Make simple musical instruments
  • Put it all together
  • Perform to the class!
Age: 10-14 Level: A1, A2, B1

Sporting Legend

Option Module 3

Play sports-related activities and games, and take part in a tournament with your friends.

  • Sports, sports equipment and rules
  • Physical warm-ups and stretching
  • Become a commentator
  • Inventing a sport
  • Classroom Olympics
Age: 10-14 Level: A1, A2, B1

Million Dollar Pitch

Option Module 4

Work with your friends to create a new product or invention that will take the world by storm!

  • Describe objects and their uses
  • Find new uses for old objects
  • Create a new invention
  • Design your product
  • Learn to present
  • Pitch your product to your friends
Age: 12-14 Level: A2, B1

Comic Book Hero

Option Module 5

Work towards creating a comic book story with your friends.

  • Describe superheroes and their abilities
  • Create a superhero card game
  • Learn about comic book layout and conventions
  • Learn to draw comic book characters
  • Create your story and make your own comic book.
Age: 12-14 Level: A1, A2, B1

Choose Your Own Adventure

Option Module 6

Work with your classmates to create your own adventure storybook!

  • Practise telling stories
  • Imagine alternative twists to well-known stories
  • Write your stories
  • Design and put together your book
  • Read your classmates stories!
Age: 12-14 Level: A2, B1

TV News Report*

Option Module 7

Work to put together a series of TV news reports based on current or national news.

  • Learn the language of the newsroom
  • Invent a news story
  • Prepare an interview
  • Record or perform your news segment
Age: 12-14 Level: A2, B1

The Great British Fayre**

Option Module 8

Work with your friends to put together a traditional British fayre for everyone to enjoy!

  • Play a series of food-related vocabulary games
  • Follow a recipe and give cooking instructions to others
  • Try out some traditional British party games
  • Plan and host a party for the other student
Age: 10-14 Level: A1, A2, B1

Can you Vlog?*

Option Module 9

Work with your friends to create and record your first group Vlog!

  • Learn about the different types of vlog
  • Record an interview
  • Film a challenge vlog
  • Film a ‘how to’ vlog
  • Film a review vlog
Age: 12-14 Level: A2, B1

Write Now!

Option Module 9

Become a writer and create some of your own original work in English!

  • Learn about different writing styles
  • Try writing different types of short poem
  • Work with your friends on some group poetry
  • Produce an original piece of ‘flash fiction’ and the opening to a short story
  • Write and perform your own mini-dialogues
Age: 12-14 Level: A2, B1

EiA Show In A Day

Core Module 2 – Friday

Work together with your classmates to prepare and perform a show in a single day!

  • Play drama games
  • Work on performance techniques
  • Develop characters
  • Rehearse
  • Perform!
Age: 10-14 Level: A1, A2, B1

* Please note: If the students would like to record their news reports, the school must have facilities to upload videos from the students’ smartphones and access to basic video editing software.

** Please bring: either sandwich ingredients or baking ingredients, tea, paper plates and napkins.

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