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This active course is for students who have been learning English for over a year and who want to develop their skills further through the completion of short tasks and challenges.

It is also possible to select an individual module to go with your classic general English course. Due to the style of the modules, your choice could fill the Tailored Content sessions or replace the regular project. You could also select one of the video modules to do instead of the regular show if it is not possible to have family members and students gather for an End-of-Week Show.


This is an ideal course for learners who are ready to engage in activities that provide them with the stimulus and opportunity to activate their language in real world scenarios. While this course can work well with mixed level learners, it is also very suitable for streamed learners. The course focuses on use of language in collaborative exchanges such as giving presentations, giving direction and rules and telling stories. The course allows learners to use English in a range of styles and contexts developing their pronunciation, spoken fluency, accuracy and confidence.

Core Modules

Optional Modules

Sample Programme

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lesson 1 Icebreaking Activities Team Challenges Show Preparation
Lesson 2 Planning the Week Ahead Optional Module 1 Optional Module 2 Optional Module 3 Revision of Modules
Additional Show Preparation
Lesson 3 Introduction to Optional Module 1
Lesson 4 Introduction to Optional Module 2 End of Course activities and games
Lesson 5 Introduction to Optional Module 3 Final Show rehearsal and preparation
Lesson 6 Preparation and rehearsals for end of course show or presentation Show Presentation

Core Modules

Team Challenge

Core Module 1

Team Challenge Module
Age: 10-15 | Level: A1, A2, B1, B1+

These activities will engage learners in using English to communicate and work in teams. A variety of games, tasks and problems such as building a bridge, riddles and scavenger hunts, all of which will encourage teamwork and build students' confidence in being able to express their opinion, reason critically and contribute in English.

  • Brain teasers
  • Language challenges
  • Impossible rescue
  • Scavenger hunt

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can work as part of a team to using reasoning and ingenuity to solve problems and compete in a variety of tasks and games.

EiA Show *

Core Module 2 – Friday Performance

EiA Show Module
Age: 10-15 | Level: A1, A2, B1, B1+

Creation, preparation and rehearsal of pieces for an end of course revue that can be attended by parents, teachers and friends. The show typically includes drama, songs and other skills they would like to showcase.

  • Play drama games
  • Work on performance techniques
  • Develop characters
  • Rehearse
  • Perform!

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can work with my classmates to prepare and perform a short sketch to an audience.

Optional Modules

Dress To Impress *

Option Module 1

Dress To Impress Module
Age: 10-14 | Level: A1, A2, B1

Create designs and make clothes and accessories from everyday materials and junk before performing a catwalk show.

  • Create designs for clothes and accessories
  • Craft your designs
  • Get on the catwalk!

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can collaborate in creative production to put on and commentate a fashion show.

Requirements: Students are asked to bring in clean newspapers, plastic bags etc. to create outfits.

Music Maker *

Option Module 2

Music Maker Module
Age: 10-15 | Level: A1, A2, B1, B1+

Forming a band and working on lyrics to write a song. Making simple musical instruments to use in performing chart hit to class.

  • Write a song
  • Make simple musical instruments
  • Perform to the class!

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can work in a group to devise, produce and perform a song.

Requirements: Students are asked to bring in clean recycling, such as plastic bottles and plastic tubs, to make musical instruments. Our teacher will provide other items.

Sporting Legend

Option Module 3

Sporting Legend Module
Age: 10-15 | Level: A1, A2, B1, B1+

Inventing and playing a sport using the language of rules and the vocabulary of sports equipment, physical movement and body parts. Commentating sports games in class tournament.

  • Sports, equipment and rules
  • Physical warm-ups and stretching
  • Become a commentator
  • Inventing a sport
  • Classroom Olympics

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can understand, create, follow the rules of and direct players in a new sport.

Requirements: Students will need their sports kit for the final lesson of this module. The group will need a gym, playground, playing field or other large area to play their invented sports.

Million Dollar Pitch

Option Module 4

Million Dollar Pitch Module
Age: 12-15 | Level: A2, B1, B1+

Work with friends in business teams to create a new product or invention. Produce a business plan and prepare and present a sales pitch for product or invention.

  • Describe objects and their uses
  • Find new uses for old objects
  • Create a new invention
  • Design your product
  • Learn to present
  • Pitch your product to your friends

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can work in a team to invent a product or service and produce and deliver a pitch.

Comic Book Hero

Option Module 5

Comic Book Hero Module
Age: 10-15 | Level: A1, A2, B1

Create a comic book superhero story describing superhero’s abilities. Make your own comic book and design a superhero card game.

  • Describe superheroes and their abilities
  • Create a superhero card game
  • Learn about comic book layout and conventions
  • Learn to draw comic book characters
  • Create your story and make your own comic book.

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can collaborate in a group to invent a superhero and develop and produce a comic book and associated game.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Option Module 6

Choose Your Own Adventure Module
Age: 12-15 | Level: A2, B1, B1+

Create and write adventure story book with your classmates. Design and put together your book.

  • Practise telling stories
  • Imagine alternative twists to well-known stories
  • Write your stories
  • Design and put together your book
  • Read your classmates stories!

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can contribute to the imagining of, and the writing and telling of an exciting adventure story.

TV News Report

Option Module 7

TV News Report Module
Age: 12-15 | Level: B1, B1+

Work on a series of TV news reports using the language of the newsroom. Inventing a news story in news teams and preparing an interview. Performing and recording news segment.

  • Learn the language of the newsroom
  • Invent a news story
  • Prepare an interview
  • Record or perform your news segment

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can work in a team to invent news stories, preparing and delivering interviews and filming or recording a news show.

Requirements: If the students would like to record their news reports, the school must have facilities to upload videos from the students’ smartphones and access to basic video editing software.

The Great British Fayre *

Option Module 8

The Great British Fayre Module
Age: 10-15 | Level: A1, A2, B1, B1+

Work with friends to plan and host a traditional British fayre. Building food vocabulary through games and following recipes giving cooking instructions. Enjoying some traditional British party games.

  • Play a series of food-related vocabulary games
  • Follow a recipe and give cooking instructions to others
  • Try out some traditional British party games
  • Plan and host a party for the other students

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can follow a recipe, give cooking instructions, prepare a snack and plan and host a traditional British party.

Requirements: Students are asked to bring in some items, such as ingredients or paper plates, to help prepare for a class party. Our teachers will buy all the key ingredients locally.

Can you Vlog?

Option Module 9

Can you Vlog Module
Age: 12-15 | Level: A2, B1, B1+

Work with friends to create and record a group vlog in a variety of styles including an interview vlog, a film challenge vlog, a ‘how to’ vlog, and a film review vlog.

  • Learn about the different types of vlog
  • Record an interview
  • Film a challenge vlog
  • Film a ‘how to’ vlog
  • Film a review vlog

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can work in a team to create a vlog with a variety of film segments.

Requirements: Students will need access to at least one mobile phone or recording device per group. These could be uploaded and edited if the school has the facilities but this does not form part of the module.

Escape Room Challenge

Option Module 10

Escape Room Module
Age: 12-15 | Level: A2, B1, B1+

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience! In this module, you’ll create and immerse yourself in thrilling escape rooms. Solve puzzles, crack codes, and unlock hidden secrets! 🔐🔍

  • Practise your codebreaking skills.
  • Learn about different puzzle and activity types.
  • Create your own challenges.
  • Uncover escape room strategies.
  • Compete against your friends!

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can understand different puzzle formats and use what I know to create puzzles for other people.

British Sports and Games

Option Module 11

British Sports and Games Module
Age: 10-15 | Level: A1, A2, B1, B1+

Combine learning with movement! Participate in some very British sports and games while enhancing language skills. From rounders to British bulldog, it’s all about fun and communication! ⚽🗣️

  • Play classic British school sports like rounders and kwik cricket.
  • Learn key vocabulary and rules.
  • Compete in team mingles, races, and games.
  • Take on scavenger hunts indoors and outdoors.
  • Can your team take EiA Gold?

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can revise vocabulary and rules to play sports and games. I can work with a team to compete against other groups in my class.

Requirements: Activities depend on school facilities and equipment.

TikTok Trends

Option Module 12

TikTok Trends Module
Age: 12-15 | Level: A1, A2, B1, B1+

Calling all amateur filmmakers! Students will master shot framing and video editing techniques, crafting captivating content for platforms like TikTok and YouTube. 🎥🌟

  • Learn about storyboarding.
  • Practise framing shots.
  • Develop your editing skills.
  • Add music, filters, and special effects.
  • Share your creations safely.

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can plan, film, and edit short-form videos in current styles. I can share these videos safely with friends and family.

Requirements: Each small group will need at least one smartphone or tablet to work on.

STEM Explorers

Option Module 13

STEM Explorers Module
Age: 10-15 | Level: A2, B1, B1+

Ignite your curiosity! Explore science, technology, engineering, and maths through hands-on activities. Build, experiment, and discover the wonders of the world around you! 🔬🌟

  • Understand the scientific method by creating your own experiments.
  • Conduct an experiment and present your results.
  • Design a gadget to solve an everyday problem.
  • Beat your friends in a construction challenge.
  • Puzzle out some Maths games and conundrums.

Sample End-of-Course ‘Can Do’ Statement:
I can conduct scientific experiments, design useful gadgets, and solve complex problems.

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