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Explorers 2

Explorers 2 workbook

Age: 8-10
Level: A1

This course takes a look at language in its wider cultural context, incorporating activities based around life in a variety of English speaking countries. There are lessons on the UK, Australia, the USA and Canada.

By embedding English learning in its cultural context, the children will come to realise its importance as a world language and will learn a little about the some of the people and places where it is spoken as a first language.

The course also includes collaborative story-telling and poetry, and explores some of the ways in which English usage can vary from place to place, by comparing British and U.S. English.

Explorers 2 can stand alone for a one-week course or be taught side-by-side with Explorers 1 on a two-week course.

‘Can Do’ Statements

  • I can say what I know in English
  • I can respond to basic instructions
  • I can answer some questions about the UK
  • I can understand and tell a short story
  • I can recite a poem in English
  • I can answer some questions about Australia
  • I can talk about surfing and water safety
  • I can answer some questions about Canada
  • I can talk about adventure holidays
  • I can act out a poem
  • I can answer some questions about the USA
  • I can order food in a fast-food restaurant
  • I can say some differences between UK and US English
  • I can talk about theme parks and what you can do at them

Core Contents

  • Introducing yourself
  • Words you know in English
  • Life in the UK
  • Life in Australia
  • Going to the beach and surfing
  • Life in Canada
  • Story: Going on a bear hunt
  • Life in the USA
  • Visiting a theme park
  • Making your own American burger

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