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Matura Examination Preparation

Matura Examination Preparation workbook

Age: any            Level: all


This course is designed for the Austrian Matura examination but can be tailored for similar examinations such as the Maturita or Abitur.

Sample end-of-course ‘can do’ statements

  • I can select appropriate vocabulary and structures for specific tasks
  • I can use a range a conversational skills and strategies to maintain a conversation
  • I can express and justify my opinion on a range of topics
  • I can discuss and evaluate possible solutions to given problems
  • I can listen and read for gist, or identify and record specific information*
  • I can plan, edit and structure a written response to a set task*
  • I can prepare and deliver an effective presentation*

*Depending on option modules chosen

Why choose this course?

School leaving examinations are some of the most important assessments that students will have to undertake. For many students they will affect career prospects; for others the options for further study.

These courses aim to ensure that students do themselves justice in the exam by making sure they know what is expected of them, and by providing practice in key areas, and by giving them practical strategies for optimising performance.

Learning activities can include

  • Dialogue interpretation and matching
  • Discussions and role-plays
  • Problem solving activities
  • Context building games
  • Listening activities
  • Presentation tasks
  • Surveys
  • Description matching
  • Speaking and storytelling games


CORE MODULES (Compulsory)

C1. Speaking Strategies
C2. Discussing Topics
C3. Task-based Discussions

OPTION MODULES (Choose three)

  1. Listening Skills and Exam Strategies
  2. ‘English in Use’: Language Awareness and Exam Strategies
  3. Writing Skills and Exam Strategies
  4. Reading Skills and Exam Strategies
  5. Discussions and Vocabulary Building (Single or Double module)
  6. Preparing and delivering a presentation (Workshop)
  7. Preparing and conducting a debate (Workshop)
  8. Project work (Workshop)
  9. Preparing and performing drama sketches (Workshop)


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lesson 1 Core module one (C1)
Lesson 2 Core module two (C2)
Lesson 3 Core module three (C3)
Lesson 4 First option module
Lesson 5 Second option module
Lesson 6 Third option module

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