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Rangers 2

Rangers 2 workbook

Age: 9-11
Level: A1/A2

This course is suitable for children who want to talk about more wide-ranging personal and cross-curricular topics. In line with CLIL methodology, the learners will not only be developing their English language skills, but also using English to discuss and gain knowledge in other areas.

Children will be using language for description, but will also be learning how to make polite requests, to compare and contrast, to give instructions and to offer opinions.

This course provides the perfect opportunity to give the children’s English a real boost before they move up to secondary level education.

Rangers 2 can stand alone for a one-week course or be taught side-by-side with Rangers 1 on a two-week course.

‘Can Do’ Statements

  • I can introduce and describe myself
  • I can have a simple conversation about star signs
  • I can say and spell names of sea animals and describe them
  • I can write and give instructions and make polite requests
  • I can talk about plants and animals
  • I can match words with their definitions
  • I can describe the weather and give advice
  • I can compare and contrast lifestyles and give an opinion
  • I can have a simple debate
  • I can talk about preparing food and give recipe instructions
  • I can describe and talk about endangered animals
  • I can listen and respond to a range of instructions
  • I can ask how to spell words

Core Contents

  • Talking about personality traits
  • Talking about marine animals
  • Asking questions in class
  • Talking about planes and flying
  • Animals and the food chain
  • Describing extreme weather
  • Giving advice and warnings
  • Comparing life in the country and in the city
  • Talking about food and cooking
  • Talking about endangered species

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