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English for Trainee Chefs

English for Trainee Chefs workbook

Age: 14-18
Level: A2/B2


Our suite of courses for chefs are perfect for vocational college students studying gastronomy, hotel management, and catering for the leisure industry. We welcome students from A2-B2 level as well as Swiss Beruf students (1st-3rd year apprentices who are interested in improving their English for their world of work).

Sample ‘can do’ statements

  • I can introduce someone and tell the group about them
  • I can describe and name a variety of kitchen utensils and equipment
  • I can describe different ways of preparing food
  • I can ask about and explain job roles and routines
  • I can describe how to prepare and cook a meal
  • I can describe taste and texture and make food sounds appealing
  • I can design a menu and present it.

Why choose this course?

The course helps learners build confidence in using English within the gastronomic industry, compliments their school studies and further enhances their all round vocational subject knowledge.

learning activities include:

  • Food preparation task
  • Tasting experiences
  • Interviews
  • Quizzes
  • Listening tasks
  • Discussions
  • Roleplays
  • Information exchange
  • Presentations


  • Food & Drink Vocabulary
  • Kitchen Objects & their Functions
  • Food Preparation & Key Cookery Verbs
  • Kitchen Layouts & Design
  • Kitchen Challenge
  • Health & Safety
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Street Food vs Fast Food
  • Planning a Menu
  • The World of Cheese
  • Global Desserts
  • Food Collocations


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lesson 1 Introductions
Kitchen Objects Health & Safety Fast Food Kitchen Challenge
Lesson 2 Food Collocations Memories are Made of This Do's & Don'ts Global Desserts
Lesson 3 What is it for? Food Verbs Street Food Future Plans Kitchen Challenge
Lesson 4 Bread Dining Out World of Cheese Review Writing
Lesson 5 Kitchen Routines Problem Solving Sounds Delicious Creative Menu Planning Quiz & Round-up
Lesson 6 Research Task

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