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Vantage workbook

Age: 13-17
Level: B2


This course is for students who have been learning English for three years or more. They will be gaining independence in their learning and will be able to use the language to discuss both concrete and abstract issues in some depth.

Sample ‘can do’ statements

  • I can understand some common proverbs and use them to make observations and offer advice.
  • I can discuss and analyse a photograph.
  • I can work collaboratively in English to present my group’s ideas.
  • I can give an oral summary of a text in my own words
  • I can use different brainstorming techniques to come up with solutions to a problem.

Why choose this course?

At this level of proficiency, learners will be confident communicating about things that are of interest to them. This course incorporates a wide range of topics that are meaningful and relevant to learners of this age and level. Learners will be provided with opportunities to communicate spontaneously in various engaging scenarios. There will also be a focus on idiomatic expressions, natural English constructions and raising awareness of understanding implied meaning.

Learning activities include:

  • Quizzes and mingles
  • Brainstorming
  • Call My Bluff
  • Discussions
  • Image Analysis
  • Presentation Skills
  • Ranking Tasks
  • Oral Summaries
  • Role Plays


  • Proverbs
  • Amazing Animals
  • Photography
  • Buskers
  • Jobs and Earnings
  • Education
  • News Articles
  • Public Art
  • Space
  • First Lines
  • Idioms
  • Brainstorming Techniques


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lesson 1 Icebreaking activities Buskers News Articles First Lines Revision activities
Learning review
end of course games
Lesson 2 Proverbs Jobs & Earnings Public art Idioms
Lesson 3 Amazing animals Education Space Brainstorming
Lesson 4 Photography Tailored lessons Project completion
Lesson 5 Project groups and topic choices Initial project preparation Ongoing work on projects Ongoing work on projects Afternoon show performance or preparation for evening performance
Lesson 6 Preparation and rehearsals for end of course show or presentation

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