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Virtual EiA - Online English Courses iPad and books

Age: 10-18
Level: A1-B2

About our virtual courses

Virtual EIA is a set of online courses we have designed as a stimulating alternative to our regular in-school project weeks. The syllabus for each is based around core language content and skills for students at the following levels:

What students can expect

    Students can expect to be taught by one of our qualified and experienced team of teachers. We have designed each course so that students get the very best online learning experience. The courses feature:

    • Speaking Activities designed specifically for the ‘screen-to-screen’ online learning environment, including question and response games, creative dictations, story-building, guessing games and role-playing.
    • Interactive Learning using Zoom’s powerful screen-sharing and annotation tools, including image mark-up activities, video-clip memory challenges and ‘finding your way’ activities on Google maps.
    • Virtual Whiteboard Activities such as shared mind-mapping and brainstorming, collaborative drawing activities and snap surveys using ‘stamp tool’ responses.
    • Animated PowerPoint Resources including ‘Jeopardy’ and ‘Blockbusters’ style quizzes, image-reveal guessing games and ‘click and reveal’ words and phrases.
    • Daily Challenges to tap into students’ creativity: design your own coat of arms; create a fashion makeover for a chosen celebrity; research and present your vision of the future.
    • Fun Friday – see below.
    • Quizlet Revision Flashcards are made available to all students, so they can revise and review key vocabulary during the courses and after they have finished.

How it works

  • All students will require access to a laptop or desktop computer with a microphone and a headset or earbuds, plus a stable internet connection.
  • Prior to the course, we will send you a link to an introductory video that you can share with the participants or play in class. This video will welcome the students to the course and will provide details of how the course works, its structure, plus the online classroom rules and etiquette.
  • All learners do the equivalent of 3 lessons-a-day for the week and also spend time on the daily challenges.
  • Each day, Monday to Thursday, the class comes together online for the challenge set-up (20 mins)
  • Once the challenge has been set up, the class is split into two small groups. Whilst one group is being taught (2 x 50-minute lessons), the other group works on their challenge response. At the end of these two lessons, the groups swap.
  • Finally, at the end of each day, the class is brought back together to present their challenge responses (30 minutes).
  • Friday consists of three lessons, with students being taught as a class and features a round-up and review of the week, plus multiple mini-challenges and games.

Study in school or from home

This course can be organised in school or, in situations where students are unable to come into school, they can enrol and log-on from home. If the students are in school, students should be provided with supervised space while they are working on their challenges. Students working from home will be provided with a version of the challenge they can work on as individuals.


Prices start from €69. Please contact us for an exact quote based on your specific requirements.

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