Covid-19 Policy

We take our duty of care to our staff and students extremely seriously. In the current situation, our number one priority is safety. For your reassurance, our policy is outlined below along with examples of the practical steps we have put in place.

  • We have carried out a generic risk assessment to identify the practical steps we need to take to minimise any risk from the disease.
  • Teaching staff have been provided with comprehensive guidance on how to travel safely to their destination, and on dealing safely with social encounters before reaching your school.
  • Teachers have also been fully briefed on the relevant rules and regulations prior to delivering courses, plus procedures in the event of anyone displaying symptoms.
  • We have audited our classroom activities and made appropriate adjustments where these are required. Many classroom activities should not be affected by the situation – for example, whole-class brainstorming, discussions, creative dictations and workbook exercises; other activities have been adapted. For example, ‘run and touch’ activities become ‘stand and point’ activities; pair work roleplays are socially distanced; team games are done with team members scoring points for their team individually rather than collectively.
  • We always comply with the relevant national and local regulations that are in place when the course is delivered. This may vary from country to country but includes any restrictions on class sizes and any social distancing measures required.
  • We liaise closely with every school to ensure that all school rules and procedures are followed, including following one-way systems through the school, appropriate classroom set-ups, and the use of class ‘bubbles’; plus enforcing regular hand-washing and use of disinfectant gels and wipes, regular ventilation of classrooms and, if required, use of masks.
  • We have put some of our own measures in place for the protection of students and staff alike. These include a non-contact temperature check at the start of each day for all staff and students, the use of disposable gloves when distributing materials, plus lesson activities for teaching about COVID-19 and for reinforcing the importance of mitigating measures.

If you have any queries, or would like more detailed information, please feel free to get in contact and we will be happy to help.

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