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What do we do?

  • We deliver 1-week intensive English courses in your own school, in a way that supports your teaching
  • We get students speaking English, every day, every lesson for a whole week
  • We break down barriers, stimulate interest and transform students’ skills and knowledge into practical ability
  • By the end of the week you will see the dramatic difference we can make

What are the main features of an EiA week?

  • 25 hours of intensive English – 5 hours a day for 5 days
  • Delivered by qualified native speaker teachers flown direct from the UK
  • Tried and tested activities
  • Materials designed exclusively for these courses
  • Average class sizes of 12-14 students

What do the students get out of it?

  • A different learning experience that will inspire them to learn English
  • The fun and excitement of working with a native English speaking teacher
  • A boost in confidence and fluency as they use English intensively throughout the week
  • An enthusiasm that will last long after the course has ended
  • The reward of using English in front of friends and parents in the end of course show

How does it benefit the school?

  • Freshly motivated students who are keen to use English
  • A visible improvement in learner confidence
  • A professional partner with over 20 years experience
  • None of the stress of a foreign study visit
  • Courses that are intensive, effective and affordable
  • Happy parents who see the value of investing in their child’s future Logo

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Fifty Bright Ideas

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