How does EiA work?

Students learn the basics in their regular lessons but they often lack the chance to immerse themselves in the language.

  • We focus on getting students speaking in English - every day, every lesson for a whole week
  • We deliver our unique courses in your own country, in your own school, in a way that supports regular learning.
  • We break down barriers and build confidence that will help students in their personal and academic lives.
  • By the end of the week you will see the dramatic difference we can make

Years of Experience

English in Action (EiA) has led the way in pioneering English project weeks in schools. Trusted the world over, we have unparalleled experience in this specialist area and have provided successful courses for well over 100,000 students.

“Everything was well-organised and ran smoothly, and the parents were overwhelmed!”

Bundesgymnasium Amstetten, Austria

Professional Teachers

We know that our courses are only as good as the teachers who deliver them. That is why all our teaching staff have internationally recognised teaching qualifications. We also hold frequent training days and conduct regular observations of classroom practice.

“The teachers did their work with great enthusiasm and professionalism.”

First English Language School, Sofia, Bulgaria

Cost Effective

English in Action allows parents to invest in their child’s future at a fraction of the cost of an overseas study visit. Whilst refusing to compromise on quality, we believe it is important to offer students and schools great value for money, even when compared to local language schools and course providers.

“The students said EiA was more useful than a language week abroad.”

Hoehere Bundeslehranstalt Weyer, Austria.

Independently Accredited

English in Action is regularly inspected and assessed for quality by EAQUALS (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in English Language Services). Accreditation by EAQUALS is your guarantee of our organisation’s compliance with rigorous international standards.

“The feedback from the parents was totally positive!”

Grammar School ‘Svetozar Markovic’, Serbia

Active Environment

English in Action project weeks offer an intensive learning experience. Participants are immersed in English for an entire week, building and reinforcing their knowledge and skills, manipulating the language and learning how to communicate with confidence and fluency.

“We now find the students are more confident and happier to speak English.”

Fondazione Sacro Cuore, Cesena, Italy

An English Environment

We create an environment where English is the natural language of communication. Using English becomes habitual, and students find ways of using the language they know in the most effective way.

“Even the children normally completely afraid of English tried to speak and enjoyed it!”

Szkola Podstawowa 20 Fundacji Szkolnej, Poland

For The Student

  • A different learning experience that will inspire them to speak English
  • The fun and excitement of working with a native English speaking teacher
  • A boost in confidence and fluency as they use English intensively throughout the week
  • An enthusiasm that will last long after the course has ended
  • The reward of using English in front of friends and family in the end of course show

For The School

  • Freshly motivated students who are keen to use English
  • A visible improvement in learner confidence
  • A professional partner with over 20 years experience
  • None of the stress of an overseas study visit
  • Courses that are easily organised, short, intensive, effective and affordable
  • Happy parents who see the value of investing in their child's future

The lasting effects on learners' confidence and communication skills make the whole experience worthwhile for everyone involved. Teachers, students and parents alike all regularly vouch for English in Action's success and popularity with students.

Why choose EiA?


We use activities and practical excercises that allow you to practice speaking in a way that you just can't do in your regular lessons. For a whole week all you do is speak English.

Course Show

Spend part of each day preparing a spectacular end of course show. Drama, songs, jokes, poetry - the choice is endless. Show your family and friends how far you have come in just one week!

Key Features

Practice English with your friends in your own school. Work with enthusiastic English speaking teachers who bring the language to life. Enjoy a week of fun, active English lessons.

Want to find out more?

Our website contains lots more information but it is in English. Please get in touch and we will get someone to contact you in your own language


1. What can we offer that students don't get in regular lessons?

Teachers spend all year teaching the basics and providing a foundation in English grammar and vocabulary. What we can provide is an entire week dedicated to practising and speaking English with a highly qualified native English speaker. Without the need for expensive overseas trips.

2. Do you have a proven track record?

EiA pioneered in-school English project weeks and we have been working with hundreds of schools accross the globe for more than 20 years. We have provided top quality English language weeks for hundreds of thousands of students. We receive regular praise from parents and teachers who comment on the difference a week with us can make.

3. What's included in the price?

The fees are completely inclusive and there are no hidden extras. Students are provided with specially developed workbooks, pens and folders. Everything they will need for a great week!

4. What has made you so successful?

We have always refused to compromise on quality. This means: great teachers, the best materials and a professional attitude. All of this secures our reputation as the premium English language project week provider.

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