Teacher Development Courses


Gain practical new ideas for the classroom and refresh your English through interaction with a native speaker and your English speaking colleagues. Whether you teach at primary, secondary or tertiary level, this course can be tailored to suit your needs. The courses are delivered through interactive workshops.



There are seven option modules that are chosen by the school or organising body according to the length of the course and the interests of the participants. Each module consists of four 90 minute lessons. The first two lessons of each module focus on themed language skills development, using a range of communicative activities of a specific type. This allows the participants to experience the dynamics of each activity and to consider how this activity type could be used in their own teaching context.

Lessons three and four focus on teaching skills development. In lesson three, the activity type practised in the first two sessions is analysed. Participants consider potential problems, adaptations and variations, specifically in relation to their own teaching context.

In lesson four, participants are given a new topic, and work in groups to plan and present a short learning task using the activity type that has been practised and analysed in the module.

Sometimes the first and last days of the course will include orientation and wrap up sessions, and the modules on these days may be shortened to accommodate these additional sessions.



Language Skills Development

Teaching Skills Development


Theme: Music
• Musical likes and dislikes
• Listening habits
• British music
• Music festivals

Activity Type: Information Sharing
• Mingles
• Matching activities
• Information gap (pairs and groups)
• Variations and adaptations

Information Sharing
Themed materials preparation – Food and Drink


Theme: Travel and Getting About
• Buying tickets
• When things go wrong
• Holidays and travel

Activity Type: Dialogues and Role-plays
• Dialogue versus role-play
• Planning, set-up and management
• Strategies

Dialogues and Role-plays
Themed materials preparation – Clothes and Shopping


Theme: Work and Free Time
• Daily routines
• The life of a teacher
• Pastimes and hobbies

Activity Type: Creative Dictations
• Running dictations
• Whispering
• Dictogloss
• Dictation + task
• Picture story

Creative Dictations
Themed materials preparation – Sport


Theme: Britain and the British
• Famous Britons
• Landmarks and Sights
• The Royals

Activity Type: Quizzes and Team Games
• Questions
• Tasks
• Puzzles and riddles
• Board Games
• Grouping and organisation

Quizzes and Problem-solving
Themed materials preparation – English speaking Countries and Cultures


Theme: Being Human
• The human body
• Healthy lifestyles
• ‘Being Human’ Board Game

Activity Type: Discussions and Conversation Practice
• Speed debate
• Discussion cards

Discussions and Conversation Practice
Themed materials preparation – The Natural World


Theme: Around the World
• Cities
• Nationalities and languages
• Loanwords in English

Activity Type: Pronunciation Games
• Phoneme, stress and intonation activities
• English as an international language

Pronunciation Games
Themed materials preparation – Seasons, Months and Festivals


Theme: The House and Home
• Household items
• Chores
• Describing houses and rooms

Activity Type: Drawing Games
• Describe and draw
• Story drawing
• Guided compositions
• Pictionary
• Map of my life

Drawing Games
Themed materials preparation – Town and Country