Young Learners – TREKKERS

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Post Beginner
Ages: 7 – 9
CEF Level: A1
25 or 12.5 hours/week

This is a great course for children who are just becoming familiar with the very basics of English and are keen to use the language to talk about a wider range of topics. They are likely to be in their second year of primary English and to know some basic functional phrases. During the course, they will start building their own sentences through simple conversations and communicative games.

They will learn to talk about their likes and dislikes, feelings, abilities, hobbies and routines, and learn to describe the location of objects. They will also continue to build useful vocabulary groups such as the names of places in a town and days of the week.

Trekkers 1 can stand alone for a one-week course or be taught side-by-side with Trekkers 2 on a two-week course.

‘Can Do’ Statements

  • I can introduce myself and talk about my likes and dislikes
  • I can ask what other people like and dislike
  • I can say how I am feeling
  • I can talk about what I can do and what my teacher can do
  • I can describe the location of a person or object
  • I can talk about free time activities I like and do not like
  • I can talk about shops and places in a town
  • I can describe things you can do in different places in town
  • I can ask and tell someone the time
  • I can say the days of the week
  • I can talk about some things I do on each day of the week
  • I can write and say the names of some animals
  • I can say some things animals can do
  • I can say and write about where things are in a town

Core Contents

  • Talking about your likes and dislikes
  • Talking about how you are feeling
  • Talking about abilities and skills
  • Talking about the location of objects
  • Talking about hobbies you like doing
  • Talking about places in town
  • Talking about your daily routine
  • Naming the days and describing your week
  • Talking about animals
  • Asking for and giving directions


Post Beginner
Ages: 7 – 9
CEF Level: A1
25 or 12.5 hours/week

This course gives children a chance to talk about their world and is suitable for learners who can use and respond to a variety of simple functional language in English.

The children will learn to speak about their school and their free time; they will also learn some simple shop dialogues, practise writing party invitations, learn how to describe films using simple adjectives, and talk about zoos and circuses.

In addition to their speaking and learning practice, they will also do a range of fun writing activities and word games in their workbook.

Trekkers 2 can stand alone for a one-week course or be taught side-by-side with Trekkers 1 on a two-week course.

‘Can Do’ Statements

  • I can talk about things I like
  • I can find out what other people like by carrying out a survey
  • I can talk about my school day
  • I can describe what I pack in my school bag
  • I can plan and describe what I will do at the weekend
  • I can act out a simple shop dialogue
  • I can talk about parties, and write and reply to an invitation
  • I can write a gift tag and a birthday or thank-you card
  • I can talk about picnics and things in a park
  • I can say and write information about films
  • I can use simple adjectives to describe my favourite film
  • I can describe some zoo animals and what they can do
  • I can talk about things you see at a circus
  • I can compare things to each other using simple similes

Core Contents

  • Talking about things you like/dislike
  • Talking about school life
  • Talking about the weekend
  • Shopping for toys
  • Talking about birthday parties
  • Talking about picnics and playgrounds
  • Talking about different types of film
  • Talking about zoo animals
  • Talking about the circus
  • Describing animals